About Us

Queensland International was stated in 2018 under the brand name of ASK Jhansi. We have two different branches in our company Home Care Products and Chemicals. We have more than 50 variety of Home Care Cleaning Products in different sizes. You can view them all in our products page.

We belong to a reputed business family in Erode and Our ancestral business being turmeric and leather tanning. AOK Tannery was started by our grandfather in 1945 and our area AOK Nagar where our chemical company is located is named after that. We are third generation of AOK family.

We are not just an online company, we do exist physically. Visit Contact Us page to know our shop location. We have more than 30 people working in our chemical company and have a sophisticated infrastructure at the heart of Erode. We have a strong online marketing network. If you wish to join our team, you can become our dealer by filling up dealership application.

We have very innovative online selling platform with user-friendly whatsapp ordering system which was developed by our Junior Executive Officer Lamin Muhammed. When customers place order, the order goes to whatsapp and get forwarded to our dealers across India and those orders are supplied by them. This system gives business opportunity to everyone who wish to earn money with small investment.

We always boast that our products quality is matchless for its price.
So with our proud base of satisfied customers, we are growing day by day.